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              We pride ourselves on our Furniture installation and removal services. Are crews have all the experience to handle even the toughest of task. We do not use any outside labor pools to get help.We handle your furniture as to not damage. Please consider us for your next project.  


Furniture Fixture Services, Inc. realizes that when renovating a Hotel or Motel property the scheduling of trades and the tracking of products are essential. Any delays in the schedule can only produce losses in revenue and inconvenience to your staff, as well as your guests. In today’s highly competitive market place where time is money, you need a company that has the knowledge and technological tools to minimize the chances of delays and/or disruptions to the property. FFS  has a state-of-the-art computer system that facilitates our ability to efficiently organize, coordinate schedules and keep track of most all of the elements of any size renovation.

Through our system we can track all vendors, suppliers, trades, and report to the hotel property on a weekly basis.

What steps are taken to ensure success? We begin the process by meeting with all of the parties that would have a direct impact on the work.

  1. We discuss the section of property that will undergo the renovation. We determine the number of rooms affected by the impact to the rest of the property, and the best ways to access those areas.
  2. Once this has been determined, we then meet with all of the trades to determine how long each task will take. We call this our Daily Schedule.
  3. We ensure that the installers follow the manufacturers written instructions that we provided.

Then we meet with all of the product vendors to discuss lead times. All of this information is then put into our computer and the schedules are created.

FFS, INC provides a unique and sophisticated approach to handling your warehousing - furniture, fixture, and equipment (FF&E) installation projects, roll-out, and distribution needs. We recognize the complexity and the needed execution to open a new facility or handle a large project. Our experience and expertise allows you a successful opening without delays.

Our skilled personnel: