FFS, INC is the only hospitality renovation company with is own emergency services division. Water Out Oregon handles water damage, fire damage, smoke damage and flood damage. Please visit< www.wateroutoregon.com..Currently we cover properties in Oregon and Washington only.


Successful property management depends on your decisions of what and when to renovate your facilities. It is critical to renovate and get properties back in service, sometimes scheduling other changes for another time. Your marketplace staying power may mean a cosmetic makeover today rather than a complete renovation next year. Remember Suite Care is a blind spot that only your guest can see.

Either way, Furniture Fixture Services is the project partner with real world experience. We help with quick makovers, cosmetic upgrades and complete renovations. We work with you to overcome changing circumstances. We work with managers having responsibility for operations in the local, regional and national market places. We renovate guestrooms, guest baths, lobbies, lounges from single scope installations to hundreds.